A tiny bit on a tiny podcast

I had the pleasure of being involved in a new “tiny” podcast. Sage Gordon-Davis runs the podcast “Ink and Sage”, a podcast looking at opening paragraphs and giving a quick evaluation.

I thought it sounded like fun so sent in my pre-edited opening paragraph. I think it bore up under the scrutiny and I amended the text to make it clearer who was talking.

Do you agree?

Listen here

I think what Sage is doing with her podcast is a great idea. As a writer, I want to hook  my reader as quickly as I can, there are so many other distractions out there that you need to be certain of a good first impression.  As a reader, I want to be hooked right away. And by hooked I don’t mean some sort of action-packed grab, although that’s fine, but words that beguile and entice. A well delivered sentence that leads me on to the next one,and then the next paragraph, the next page, and so on until I close the book with a sigh at the end.

Finger’s crossed my first few sentences attract the right sort of reader that will then go on to love the book. Here’s hoping.