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The time-travelling romp continues…

Any fool can destroy the timeline. Fixing it requires nerves of steel

Minju Chen survived the coup with her secret identity intact, her plans are in tatters, but that won’t stop her from trying to take control of Alexandria and the quantum facility. Only one person can stop her and she’s stuck in a hospital bed.

Neith Salah has a bullet in her head and has lost her ability to communicate. Which is a problem as she seems to be the only person that remembers Minju’s true identity.

There is a plan to restore Neith’s language but it relies on Julius Strathclyde and the traitor Clio Masoud, to work together. They’ll have to stop Minju, save Neith, restore the timelines and try not to kill each other.

What could possibly go wrong? Beyond destroying Earth’s timeline and obliterating generations of innocents, that is?

Join the Curators today for a fast paced and witty adventure across time and space.

For lovers of fast-paced, witty novels. The Quantum Curators go from strength to strength.

Read Chapter One below.